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Ceramic Marine Art from Sicily

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Ceramic marine art from Sicily


These beautiful ceramic fish and sea creatures from Sicily emerge from the kiln, hand-painted, hand-finished and high quality. Each one is unique and has either a hook, loop, hole or loop-through holes in the mould to allow invisible mounting or hanging using wire, cord or tacks.


Our Shoal

Ceramic Sea Bass, Mackerel, Sardines and Octopus and many other species of fishes from British and Mediterranean waters are in stock here in the UK, only available from The Shoal and our selected retailers. Click Shop to see the full range and sizes available.


Tropical Shoal

Vibrant colours, beautifully unique ceramic pieces - our Tropical Collection will enhance the wall space of any setting.


Interior Design Shoal

Bespoke art installations for the hospitality sector, marine related businesses and the leisure industry, contact us for advice and support on design, selection, specification and installation.

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The Shoal

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Who We Are

The Shoal

Finders and sellers of fine marine art, The Shoal is a family run online business based in The Pearl of Dorset, Lyme Regis, UK. With a passion for all things maritime and marine, we are close enough to the beach to smell the sea air...

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creating ceramic lionfish

The Artists

The Shoal works with a talented, family-run ceramic art business based on the coast of the beautiful island of Sicily. The artists have a long history of creating ceramics and pottery...

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My Tropical fish looks fabulous in my bathroom, brightening up a plain white wall. It makes my granddaughters smile and they always chat to 'Nemo' when they're in the bath.

Carole Aviss

I love my Anchovies and Sardines just purchased from The Shoal. Thankyou!

Louise Wall

Thanks so much for my order, received today.  It’s wonderful - every bathroom deserves a Barracuda.


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